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Useful Websites


Main interactive page for Georgia Tech affiliates.

  • Links to other GT websites

  • Register for classes

  • Make Payments

  • Etc.


Check courses currently or previously enrolled in. 

  • Syllabus

  • Homework Assignments

  • Specific Course Resources

  • Grades


Official Academic Record for Students at Georgia Tech.

  • Order Transcripts / Transcript Information

  • Academic Calendar

  • Final Exam Schedule

  • Rules and Regulations


Portal for visa related issues.

  • I-20

  • SEVIS Status Information

  • Program Extensions

  • Academic Reduced Course Loads

  • Change of Degree Level


Review past, present and future courses required to graduate.

  • Review completed courses

  • Check requirements needed to graduate

Course Critique

Historical GPA distribution of professors and courses offered at Georgia Tech.

  • Check the historical GPA for a course

  • Check the historical GPA for a given professor on a given course


Q&A web service.

  • Ask a question to classmates 

  • Answer questions

  • Guided by the instructor


Online Courses.

  • Take online courses

  • Watch video lectures


Online courses.

  • Take online courses

  • Watch video lectures

GT Thrift Shop

Buy or Sell items within the Georgia Tech Community.

  • Furniture

  • Electronics

  • Find a roommate

  • Etc.

GT Book Swap

Buy or Sell books within the Georgia Tech Community.

  • Textbooks

  • Reference Books

  • Clickers

  • Etc.


Course & scheduling planning tool.

  • Plan your schedule ahead of time

  • Pick and drop classes to try alternative schedules

Rate My Professors

Professor reviews.

  • View other student's opinions on a given professor

  • Rate a professor

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