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We not only have a database of current Georgia Tech students and alumni but also of other Indonesians studying in different universities across the United States. 

The initiative was created with the goal of providing easy access to a wealth of networking opportunities.

  • Need a business major for a project you're working on? Try reaching out to someone at Bentley University.

  • A photography major perhaps? Try the Pasadena Art Center. 

  • Or are you more worried about life after school? Contact one of our alumni. Or contact all of them...


We hope the database will inspire action, make your life a little easier, or a little more interesting.

A collection of past papers have been provided for you to use at your convenience. 

We have compiled a list of useful websites for the typical Georgia Tech student.

Each website is accompanied by a brief description of what the website is and what it can be used for.

Browse through our frequently asked questions but feel free to contact us if you aren't satisfied with the answers.

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