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Meet Our Very Own GT Alumni, A Brilliant Mind From NUS - October 2018

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

This month's Indonesian showcase features Oke Sabeni, an accomplished GT alum and Billy Jackson Gunawan, a student exchange all the way from National University of Singapore (NUS). Come check out our featured picks for this month’s showcase!

Oke Sabeni

Major: Industrial Engineering


I had a lot of friends with that major and Georgia Tech was known to have the best program so I thought, why not? Turns out, it was perfect for me.

How has Georgia Tech affected you as a person?: Georgia Tech taught me that getting good grades is not everything. The skill sets you develop working under pressure and with various types of people were more meaningful in setting me up for future success.

One thing you wish you had/hadn't do during your time at Georgia Tech?

Be a more active participant of the Indonesian Student Association.


One advice would be to not make Georgia Tech only be a part of your past but also a part of your future. Let's try to mentor and help current and future students at Georgia Tech as a way to serve the next generation. It would be cool to have a network (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) for all ex-ISA graduates if we ever need to connect in the future.

Billy Jackson Gunawan

Major: Industrial Engineering.


Well, it just started with interest. Since childhood, I was always fascinated with things that are related to IE, without even knowing that it is called Industrial Engineering haha. And actually, my childhood dream was to work at Disneyland (at the office tho, not the parade). But of course, as I grow up and learn more things, I may see things not as naive as before but my passion for Industrial Engineering still remains. I’m glad that I chose that and I do think that it’s important for people to do something that they’re really passionate about. It just makes things a lot easier and enjoyable.

Why Georgia Tech:

As cliche as it may sound, Georgia Tech is known as the best IE school and I think it would be a good experience to go here. And also, I have some relatives here so it would make the transition process much smoother. And obviously, the main reason is so that I can meet all of you guys :)

Biggest Achievement in Life:

Only missing one of my 8 AM classes so far in Tech. In case you don’t know, I really love sleep and so, having to wake up at 6-ish and attend classes would be a real struggle for me. Fun fact : Back in NUS, they almost never take attendance and all the lectures are recorded. Feel free to go there for exchange :)

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