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Lifesavers; Biomedical Engineers - February 2019

This month's Indonesian showcase features two amazing Biomedical Engineers; Jason Sentosa and Gabriella Wong! Read more about our featured Indonesians for this month’s showcase!

Jason Sentosa

Major: Biomedical Engineering/Pre-Medicine


The human body is the most advanced and most sophisticated machine in the world. It offer us blueprints that open doors to new technology and innovation that offer potential unlike any other to aid us in our pursuit of a better life. It is truly a blessing to be part of biomedical engineer; to help people walk and see again, nothing more can make me happier.

Why Georgia Tech?

At Georgia Tech, the boundaries and limitations to what we can do are simply non-existent. It is thrilling to be around other students that are passionate to do what they do and are extremely motivated to do more than just the minimum. Tech is like a hub or a nest where these people are able to gather and make a reality out of their idea.

Biggest Achievement In Life So Far:

Choosing to become a medical student, understanding the sacrifices and committing to pursue it, not for my benefit, but to giveback to the world.

Gabriella Wong

Major: Biomedical Engineering


I'm currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering, because while I wanted to get involved in the health industry, as I want to be able to help other people, I also don't want to accidentally kill anybody in the near future. I also really enjoy making things, so I felt that BME was a good fit for me.

Why Georgia Tech? I came to Georgia Tech because it was such a good engineering school, especially for my major! But I also really loved the atmosphere of the school, and how everyone is so willing to help one another.

Biggest Achievement In Life So Far:

Waking up (mostly) on time for all my 8AMs! But more seriously, in my senior year of high school as president of my school's Habitat for Humanity club, I led the club to raise money for over 10 houses for those in need, one of the most number of houses funded in a single year since the inception of the club.

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