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Industrial Engineers - April 2019

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

This month's Indonesian showcase features two amazing Industrial Engineers; Michael Christian and Oneal Suwandi! Read more about our featured Indonesians for this month’s showcase!

Michael Christian

Major: Industrial Engineering


Industrial engineers are an integral part of every company nowadays. They have a duty to provide lots of ideas to optimize their work environment, resulting in reduced cost and increased efficiency. I pick Industrial Engineering with the idea that I would one day run my own industry. Since Industrial Engineering is a widely diverse major, I believe that the skills and knowledge I learn will not limit my career path

Why Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech has one of the best industrial engineering program in the U.S. It is filled with excellent faculty, as well as, providing both broad and specialized industrial engineering education. Furthermore, I have relatives living in Atlanta, which give me a sense of security pursuing knowledge overseas.

Biggest Achievement In Life So Far:

I would say enrolling in one of the highly ranked University in the U.S is my biggest accomplishment in life.

Anything You Want To Add:

Remember to get a good amount of sleep before exams (Cramming is never a good option)

Oneal Suwandi

Major: Industrial Engineering


I chose the major because I wanted to study in a technical major that would provide a diverse skillset which won’t confine me to a limited number of career paths. Also, I got to take a lot of interesting classes like Machine Learning and Optimization for my concentration, so that’s a plus.

Why Georgia Tech? Georgia Tech has the best IE program in the world and Atlanta is a beautiful city so Georgia Tech makes the most sense.

Biggest Achievement In Life So Far:

I think figuring out a suitable work-life balance and time management while in college is a huge personal achievement. There are a lot of people that struggle with this so I'm glad to have figured this out pretty early. I also started an e-commerce website that gives people in Indo access to limited edition and rare streetwear. This taught me a lot about business and the importance of practicality. Oh and you can check it out for yourself here ( if you're interested #shamelessplug.

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