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The Sky Is Not The Limit: Aerospace Engineers Of Tomorrow- December 2018

This month's Indonesian showcase features two amazing Aerospace Engineers; Bagas Widianto and Kevin Hermandi! Come check out our featured picks for this month’s showcase!

Bagas Widianto

Major: Aerospace Engineering


When I was in elementary school I used to sketch over planes with a friend of mine. I was always so amused that these machines could fly and that they all looked so sleek but different. When it came time to apply to college I was set to actually study Chemical Engineering, but when I read that AE was an option it triggered all the memories of sketching planes on rainy days. Ever since I have enjoyed learning every bit of AE's curriculum.

Why Georgia Tech? It was always in my home state, and the education is second to none. The passion for learning on campus is incredible and I have met countless incredibly talented and intelligent people that I love working with.

Biggest achievement in life so far?

I used to be a bigger boy. My biggest achievement in life has been being able to become athletic and lose a bunch of weight. I adopted the grit from working out every day to every other aspect of my life such as school and really every other learning opportunity.

Kevin Hermandi

Major: Aerospace Engineering


Because of seeing my grandpa old pictures next to aircrafts and space capsule. He used to work for Boeing.

Why Georgia Tech:

Have good AE program. Great labs. Facilities

Biggest Achievement in Life:

Solving a Rubik's cube.

Anything you want to add:

Yes. My final grade this semester, please. Curve....

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