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Academic Major:

Can I change my major after I apply to Georgia Tech?

No, the applicants are reviewed for the specific academic major listed on the online application.


Can I change my major after I have been admitted to Georgia Tech?

Admitted students student may pursue a formal change of major after their first semester, however, requesting a major change requires the approval of all academic colleges and departments involved, and is not guaranteed, especially for high demand majors.

GPA (Grading System):

What grading system do you use when calculating GPA?

Georgia Tech calculates GPA according to a 4.0 scale. Quality points are assigned to each letter grade (A = 4, B = 3,   C = 2, D = 1, F = 0, WF = 0) when performing overall and math/lab science GPA calculations. Georgia Tech recalculates GPA from academic transcripts that have a plus and minus grading system.

Applying for Georgia Tech:

Course Requirement by Major:

Checking deadline:

Transfer credit policy:

Transfer Equivalency Table:

Scholarship page:

Financial Aid:



What is the minimum grade point average to apply to Georgia Tech?

The minimum GPA is 3.3 for College of Engineering and Computing applicants. The minimum GPA is 3.0 for all other GT academic colleges.

What do I need as part of a credit evaluation request?

A student will need a copy of the course syllabus along with textbook information. A topic outline is also helpful if it is not listed on the syllabus. Provide as much course information as you can to avoid requests for additional information and decision delays. Review the transfer credit website for information.

When must course requirements by major be complete?

Review the deadline and decision page for course requirement deadlines. Course requirements by major may not be completed at Georgia Tech.  Completion of course requirements by major provides students the opportunity for admission consideration to Georgia Tech.


Can credit by exam (AP/IB/SAT II) or Dual Enrollment credit satisfy a course requirement by major?

Yes. Review the credit by exam page. =>

Are ACT or SAT test scores required as part of a transfer application?



Can I exempt the English Composition requirements with high SAT or ACT scores?

A student can receive credit for ENGL 1101 (not ENGL 1102) through AP, IB, and SAT II Subject test scores only. Review the institute catalog for test score information.

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